Title I Part A, Section 1116

Thomas Academy Parent & Family Engagement Policy

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The Thomas Academy board is aware of the value of family engagement in the success of a student and the value of parents and other family members in continued support of students.  Thomas Academy school officials and personnel will strive to support parents and provide opportunities to be involved in the programs offered by the Title I program.  The Thomas Academy board will encourage parents to become involved in the design and implementation of the Title I program and activities in order to help students learn the state curriculum and meet state and local and state achievement standards.


For the purposes of this policy, the term “parent and family engagement” means the participation of parents, guardians, and other family members in regular, two-way and meaningful communication involving student learning and other school activities, including ensuring the following:

1. Parents and family members play a vital role in supporting their child’s learning;

2. Parents and family members are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at school;

3. Parents are full partners in their child’s education and parents and family members are included, as appropriate, in decision making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of their child; and

4. The school uses events to support parent and family engagement in the Title I programs.


The Title I program is a federally supported program that offers assistance to educationally and economically disadvantaged children to help ensure they receive an equitable, high-quality, well-rounded education and meet the schools challenging academic standards. The Title I program delivers instructional activities and supportive services to eligible students over and above those provided by the regular school program.


Each year, school officials must invite parents to a meeting to explain parental rights, discuss the programs and activities to be provided with Title I funds, and solicit input on the Title I program and this policy. In addition, school officials must provide parents and family members a meaningful opportunity annually to evaluate the content and effectiveness of the Title I programs and the parent and family engagement policies and plans. Information collected from these proceedings will be used to revise Title I programs and parent and family engagement plans.

Thomas Academy will hold an annual Title I Parent Meeting at the beginning of each school year. Parents/Guardians will be provided information at the beginning of the school year that has links to NCDPI which describe content standards for each grade level and assessment information, as well as further information regarding Title I. They will be given information about which courses have EOGs, EOCs, and NC Final Exams. They will be given information on how to access the Home Base Parent Portal and a calendar for the school year, including dates for Parent Conference Nights and contact information for teachers and staff.  Parents will be notified by local newspaper, remind text notification, school web site, backpack letters and PowerSchool.


The board believes that the involvement of parents and family members in the design and implementation of the Title I program will increase the effectiveness of the program and contribute significantly to the success of the children. The Title I staff and all school personnel shall strive to conduct outreach to parents and family members and involve them in activities throughout the school year.

School leadership shall ensure that this parent and family engagement policy and plan is developed with, agreed upon with and annually distributed to parents and family members of participating students.

In addition, school officials and Title I school personnel shall do the following:

1. Involve parents and family members in the joint development of the Title I program and school support and improvement plan and the process of school review and improvement by including parents on the School Improvement Team and Parent Advisory Committee. This will be accomplished as follows:

    a. 2 Parent/Guardian representatives will serve on the School Improvement Team

    b. 2 Parent/Guardian representatives will serve on the Parent Advisory Committee. (One representative will be from the Boys and Girls Homes of NC staff and one will be a community parent.)

    c. Members will also be invited to attend the monthly Thomas Academy Board meetings

    2. Provide coordination, technical assistance and other support necessary to assist and build the capacity in planning and implementing effective parent and family engagement activities that are designed to improve student academic achievement and school performance. Parents/Guardians will be encouraged to:

    a. Attend quarterly Conference Nights

    b. Volunteer during weekly incentive events

    c. Attend educational field trips with students

    d. Obtain access to their PowerSchool Parent Portal to stay up-to-date on their child’s grades

    e. Subscribe to the Remind text notification system

    3. Coordinate and integrate parent and family engagement strategies in the Title I program to the extent feasible and appropriate with parental engagement strategies established in other federal, state, and local laws and programs;

    a. Reviewing Federal, State, and local laws and programs on an annual basis to ensure coordination and integration.

    b.   Meeting regularly with parents and making sure that we share information from each meeting at all planning meeting so that our efforts will be effective.

    4. With the meaningful involvement of parents, conduct an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the school parent and family engagement policy and program in improving the academic quality of the school and assisting students to meet the school’s academic standards.  This evaluation shall identify the following:

    a. barriers to greater participation by parents in activities authorized by this section (with particular attention to parents who are economically disadvantaged, are disabled, have limited English proficiency have limited literacy or are of any racial or ethnic minority background);

    b. the needs or parents and family members to assist with the learning of their children, including engaging with school personnel and teachers, and;

    c. strategies to support successful school and family interactions.

    The school will use these findings to design, evidence-based strategies for more effective parental involvement, and revise, if necessary, the parent and family engagement policy.

    To accomplish this, Parents/Guardians will be encouraged to participate in an annual survey at the end of each year to evaluate effectiveness and any concerns that need to be addressed for the upcoming school year in the School Improvement Plan. This survey will be provided and tallied by the administration and results will be made available to parents. Parents/Guardians will also be a part of the problem solving process through the creation of new goals for the upcoming school year.


The Thomas Academy Parent and Family Engagement Policy/Procedures have been developed/revised jointly with, and agreed upon with parents as evidenced by meeting minutes.

The Parent and Family Engagement Policy/Procedures were developed/revised by Thomas Academy and will be in effect for the period of 2019/2020. The school will distribute these Parent and Family Engagement Policy/Procedures to all parents and make it available to the community on or before the end of the first school month each year.


Signature of Title I Authorized Representative